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Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions: You Agree on Sign Up that You are Over 18 and to Remove All Participating Firms, Directors, Networks or Affiliates from Any and All Liability Whatsoever. You also Agree to be the Owner and Responsible Person for Your Free Page. You Also Agree that the Content of Your Page is in Compliance with Local and International Laws. You Also Agree to Manage Your Privacy by Choosing What Information You Would Like to Display in Order to be Contacted On. You Can Choose from Internet Traffic to Your Website, Social Pages, Messaging Apps or Any Preferred Means of Contact and Communication Chosen and Managed by You. A Full Spectrum of Traffic and Contact Channels Options are Provided to You in the Home Page Which is Where You Will be Directed to After Free Signup. You Can Choose What Level of Detail You Would Like to Show that Suits Your Preferred Contact and Traffic Channels. For Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Places of Interest, You can Include Your Physical Location from Which Users can Find Your Shop, Restaurant, Business and Such on Google Maps Directly from Your Free Listing on Village Owl. If You Want to Direct Traffic to Your Whatsapp for Buying, Selling, Dating or General Communication You Can. Using the Whatsapp Channel for Instant Messaging or the Built in E-Mail Service, Enables You to Receive, Phone Calls, SMS, MMS, Whatsapp or Any Instant Chat Messenger of Your Choice. You Can Share Media and Content from These Messaging Apps or Direct on Your Phone by Free SMS or Free MMS. The Choice is Yours How You Want to Communicate with People Contacting You from the Internet. Take Care to Manage Your Interactions Appropriately and to Which You Agree to Manage Your Private, Commercial or Personal Arrangements Between Yourselves. If You want People to Walk into Your Door, Being a Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Restaurant or General Public Place Where People Can Find Your Establishment You Can do So by Listing Your Physical Location. This Physical Location can then be Directly Found by Copy and Paste on Google Maps. You Choose to What Level of Detail and Which Contact Channels You Want to Display and to Which and Where Free Internet Traffic from Interested People will be Directed from Your Page on Village Owl. If You are Selling Things in the Classifieds and Have Sold Your Thing, You Can Simply Change Categories to Get Free Internet Traffic in Another Category. For Example: Change Your Photo and Text from Classifieds to Online Dating or Professional Profiles. You can Change Your Page Anytime, Change, Update and Control What You Want to Show in Which Category and Get Internet or Direct Contact from Interested People on Village Owl. People are Also Able to Find Your Page Online, Locally and Globally. Exposure to Your Page on Village Owl is Local and Global Giving You Internet Traffic from the World Wide Web, Free. You Get Global Exposure on Village Owl and Not Only Limited to Around You. Your Free Page on Village Owl Enables You to be Found in Near You Searches, Local Searches, Regional, Country and Worldwide. Anyone in the World Can See Your Page and You Can See Anyones Page in the World Too! You Can Search and Browse, Pages, Local and Global, Including Visit Websites, Social Pages and Contact People Directly on Their Preferred Contact Channels. Create a Free Page and You're on the Internet, Online, Local and Worldwide on Village Owl, You Can Use Your Village Owl Page to Interact on the Internet Using Your Preferred Communication Contact Channels or Create a Free Page on Village Owl and Direct Internet Traffic to Where You Want it. For a Hotel for Example You Would Want People to Contact the Reception Desk Phone or E-Mail. For Online Dating You Would Want People to Simply Arrive on Your Whatsapp and Say Hi Which is What You can Do on VillageOwl.Com Perhaps if you are Selling a House or Car You Would Want Someone to Phone You. All are Possible and More Channels on Village Owl, Whichever Contact and Communication Channels Work Best for You are the Details You Should Put for Your Preferred Contact Channel on Your Page on Village Owl. Free Unlimited Internet Traffic is Directed to Whichever Preferred Contact Channels You Choose. The Choice is Always Up to You, VillageOwl.Com Help Desk.